Olde Beau Owners Association

OBOA Board Mission Statement

  • Protect and enhance the safety, livability, desirability, quality of life, property values and overall interests of the property owners through the prudent use of the OBOA  resources for the benefit of all who live, work in, or visit our community.
  • Use the “Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions and Conditions” of the Olde Beau Owners Association Inc. to guide it in decision making and to use these Covenants, Restrictions and Conditions for the benefit of the property owners.
  • Evaluate all issues for the “common good” to the Association and its members, not with regard to any person or interest group.
  • Endeavor to evolve to the ever changing times in the policies and decisions we make, always referring to the original Covenants, Restrictions, Conditions and By-laws for the spirit of our guidance.
  • Serve all homeowners equally by taking a fair, ethical and objective approach in representing their interests.
Posted by OldNONEeau on 08/15/2016
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